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RSPO | Mass Balance

Colonial Chemical offers products that meet the RSPO Mass Balance requirements!
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Product quality is of utmost importance to us. 99.9% of our shipments were accepted upon delivery so far in 2024.


We get our products to you and resolve any problems as quickly as possible. 95.4% of shipments were delivered on-time so far in 2024.


With an average production lead time of only 22.9 days in 2024, we create our products quickly without sacrificing quality.


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Novel Surfactants And Their Application As Universal Lubricity Aids

The idea of using a lubricity aid to reduce friction between two substrates is a need for many industries.  With each varying substrate comes the complexity of understanding the mechanism […]


Colonial Presents at SCC 77th Annual Scientific Meeting & Showcase

Amphoteric surfactants are likely the least understood, yet most commonly used class of surfactants in personal care. Their benefits in formulation are well known, but only a subset of these […]


Colonial Chemical and Chattanooga State Announce First Apprenticeship Signing Day for Colonial Institute

A momentous event signaling a major stride in chemical education and career development, Colonial Chemical hosted Colonial Institute’s first apprenticeship signing day in collaboration with Chattanooga State Community College. The […]


Colonial Chemical Wins 2023 Business Of The Year

Colonial Chemical was awarded the Marion County Chamber of Commerce’s Large Business of the Year (100+ employees) for 2023. With continuing growth in market and workforce continuing throughout the worldwide […]


Ceramic Sealant Concentrate with Graphene

Colonial Chemical is pleased to announce the release of Cola®Dry Graphene, a ceramic sealant concentrate that combines state-of-the-art polymer technology with the durability of graphene for lasting shine and protection. […]


Novel Surfactants Featured at 2023 CRU Conference

Lucas Moore, VP of R&D at Colonial Chemical, is a featured speaker at the upcoming CRU Phosphates 2023 Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Moore presented at the 2022 CRU Phosphates […]


Vegan-Compliant Lab Scale Zein Testing

Dennis Abbeduto, Personal Care Business Manager for Colonial Chemical, Inc., presented a poster at the SCC 76th Annual Scientific Meeting & Showcase in December 2022. The poster showcases vegan-compliant lab […]


Suga®Nate 160NC Gets OSPAR OCNS Gold Band for a 17 ½” section (lowest hazard)

Colonial Chemical is pleased to announce a recent regulatory update for one of its leading products. The Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) team has reviewed information about Suga®Nate 160NC for […]


Utilizing competitive R&D technology and processes, Colonial Chemical has developed breakthrough, patented materials that benefit both the developer and end-users and provide cost-saving, flexible alternatives to conventional chemistry. Our chemists and engineers blend years of experience in industry manufacturing processes to deliver products that meet customer's demands for options, features, quick order fulfillment, and fast delivery for broad surfactant requirements.


Formula Girls is a podcast that showcases a specific formulation developed and tested in the laboratories of Colonial Chemical. This fast-paced podcast briefly covers the ingredients used, how they interact, mixing tips, and trends related to each formulation. All formulations are lab-tested and both ready-to-use or provide a great starting point for your next formulation.

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