August 17, 2021

Construction on New Rail Spur for Colonial Starts 4th Qtr. 2021

Colonial Chemical, Inc. announces that construction will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021 on a rail spur to serve their facility in South Pittsburg, TN.  This is the culmination of several years of work and public/private cooperation between a number of entities, including Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Southeast Tennessee Development District, Marion County, TN, Marion Natural Gas, Sequatchie Valley Electric Cooperative, and CSX Corporation at a cost of over $3.4 million. The spur will expand Colonial’s supply chain flexibility, reduce raw materials costs, and provide a key element for the company’s growth in its present location. It has the added benefit of providing rail access to other sites important for economic development in Marion County. This type of rail access is consistent with the infrastructure requirements of a manufacturing operation of this scale, TDOT officials said, and will connect the Colonial facility directly to CSX lines.

August 3, 2021

Multi-Metal Corrosion Protection including Yellow Metals and Aluminum | Cola®Cor KAT

Because you need corrosion protection for all kinds of metals, you sometimes need a multi-purpose solution that’ll manage many tasks at once. Good thing there’s a handy tool around: Cola®Cor KAT.

Cola®Cor KAT is a blend of phosphate esters neutralized with alkali metal hydroxide. It is water soluble. ColaCor KAT is a corrosion inhibitor effective in alkaline environments for ferrous, non-ferrous, and yellow metals. It is compatible with all other kinds of ferrous corrosion inhibitors.

Cola®Cor KAT is also a highly-efficient antistatic agent for synthetic fibers. Overall, it can serve as a highly-efficient antistatic agent while offering a strong anti-corrosive effect for use in spin finish products for the manufacturing of polyester, polypropylene, polyamide or acrylic staple fibers.

In addition to corrosion protection and static prevention, Cola®Cor KAT can provide emulsification capability for a formulation when needed. Cola®Cor KAT has been widely used for metal surface cleaning and treatment and synthetic fiber spinning as well as some personal care applications.

  • An optimized blend of fully neutralized phosphate esters
  • A multi-metal corrosion inhibitor: ferrous, non-ferrous, and yellow metals
  • Water soluble, effective in alkaline environments, and compatible with all other kinds of ferrous corrosion inhibitors
  • A highly-efficient anti-static agent for synthetic fibers
  • Broad applications: paint and coatings, metalworking, metal cleaning, and synthetic fiber spinning

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