January 26, 2023

Ceramic Sealant Concentrate with Graphene

Colonial Chemical is pleased to announce the release of Cola®Dry Graphene, a ceramic sealant concentrate that combines state-of-the-art polymer technology with the durability of graphene for lasting shine and protection. Cola®Dry Graphene will help in the formulation of new “graphene” finish products by simply diluting and injecting through a pump. It can also be used alone in a finishing polish.

Cola®Dry Graphene helps improve hydrophobicity of the vehicle surface. The strong protection from the sealant will help to reduce damage caused by acid rain, UV radiation, tree sap, bird droppings, and other surface debris.

More information may be found here.

January 12, 2023

Novel Surfactants Featured at 2023 CRU Conference

Lucas Moore, VP of R&D at Colonial Chemical, is a featured speaker at the upcoming CRU Phosphates 2023 Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Moore presented at the 2022 CRU Phosphates Conference held in Tampa, Florida. His presentation is Tuesday, February 28 and titled, “Novel surfactants to enhance collectors for the direct flotation of apatite.” CRU offers unrivalled business intelligence on the global metals, mining and fertilizer industries through market analysis, price assessments, consultancy and events.

His presentation will be published later in its entirety on this website.