January 11, 2022

Cola®Carb OXC – Long-Chain Ether Carboxylate Emulsifier with Excellent Emulsification and Dispersing Properties

Cola®Carb OXC is a low-foaming ether carboxylic acid with excellent emulsification and dispersing properties. Cola®Carb OXC is used for metal working fluids, fire resistant hydraulic fluids (HFAS) and rolling emulsions. Cola®Carb OXC is extremely stable against electrolyte and hard water and shows outstanding lime soap dispersing power, being able to disperse large quantities of calcium oleate or tallate.

Product benefits include:

  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Outstanding lime soap dispersing properties
  • Electrolyte and hard water stable
  • Medium foaming tendency
  • Broad registration status
  • Non-irritating to eye and skin
  • Multifunctional, decreases formulation complexity
  • Suitable for long-life fluids

Applications include:

  • Metalworking fluids (emulsions, semisynthetic, synthetic)
  • Fire resistant hydraulic fluids (HFAS)
  • Rolling emulsions

For complete information and sample formulations, go to colonialchem.com/products/colacarb-oxc