September 16, 2019

Colonial Chemical Appoints Harcros Chemicals Inc. as Distributor for Florida

Colonial Chemical, Inc. announced today that Florida has been added to the list of states where Harcros Chemicals Inc. will serve as its distributor for specialty products. Harcros is a significant provider of service and application support in their covered regions, distributing Colonial products exclusively in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas for both Personal Care and HI&I market chemistries.

“The addition of Florida to our distribution agreement will be mutually beneficial to both Colonial Chemical and Harcros. This distribution relationship began in February of this year, and has grown rapidly throughout the year. Now Colonial gains support for the state of Florida from some of the most talented and well connected sales and marketing professionals in the Personal Care and HI&I Cleaning industries,” said Daniel K. McCaul, North American Sales Manager for Colonial Chemical. “The continuous improvement of our customers’ experience is always a key goal for us, and making our specialty products available from Harcros with local stock, low lead times, and strong technical support will help us achieve that goal.”

Harcros Chemicals Inc., based in Kansas City, Kansas USA, is a full-line chemical distribution and manufacturing company with facilities across the US, India and China.  For inquiries please contact the corporate offices at or visit

Colonial Chemical is a privately-held manufacturer of market-leading specialty surfactants with a focus on developing safe and innovative ingredients for modern formulary. The company supplies high quality products to the personal care, industrial and lubrication marketplace and helps its customers achieve their goals by providing custom solutions, valuable support and reliable service. Colonial Chemical serves all North America and in over 50 countries internationally. Learn more at

For more information, please contact Jim Canestrari, Marketing Manager, at (423) 837-8800, or visit