September 1, 2022

Colonial Chemical Donates SCBA to Local Fire and Rescue Department

Colonial Chemical, Inc. donated two Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) units to the New Hope Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. SCBA units are the primary tools that provide the greatest amount of airway protection from toxic gas and harmful chemicals. Each unit includes a cabinet and spare bottle. Department member Jimmy Haley accepted the units on behalf of the local department.

Speaking of the donations, Jerry Pittman, EHS&S Manager, Colonial Chemical, stated, “These units were originally secured to use for a purpose that’s now become unnecessary. Since they are redundant and we knew the local rescue service could make better use of these, we decided to pass them along. We sent them off to be completely retested and recertified by Southeast Rubber and Safety – which means they’re 100% ready when needed. I’m sure they’ll be very useful if the opportunity ever presents itself here or elsewhere.”

The New Hope Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is an all-volunteer operation on call 24/7 and provides fire and rescue support for communities in Marion County. There are 22 trained members who serve in that department.