Cola®Tex 127 is REACH Approved.

Cola®Tex 127 is an overall naturally-derived blend of functionalized alkyl poly glucosides and anionic surfactants, and is a single product solution for emulsion polymerization. Cola®Tex 127 may now be included more globally as an ingredient in formulations. Cola®Tex 127 is…

Cola®Lux MO-HP is the answer for your LO question.

What you need to recommend for bleach and peroxide stable formulations when you can’t get Lauramine Oxide. Cola®Lux MO-HP is high purity Myristamine Oxide, an amine oxide-based surfactant with a C14 (tetradecyl) alkyl tail. Cola®Lux MO-HP has similar foam and…

Colonial Chemical Announces New Office and Staff for Netherlands

Colonial Chemical has announced the official opening of a new sales and regulatory support office in Amsterdam and the appointment of dedicated staff. Dr. Barae Jomaa will assume the role of International Regulatory Affairs Specialist for Colonial Chemical EU B.V….