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95% RCI Foaming Face Wash

No. 2023

This formulation features Suga®Nate 160 NC, Cola®Teric LHS, Poly Suga®Glycinate C and VerdeTrope 162. With natural moisturizers, this face wash will leave your skin feeling soft and clean, without the harshness of sulfates. Use with pump foamer.


OrderINCI NameTrade NamePercentFunction
2Sodium Laurylglucosides HydroxypropylsulfonateSuga®Nate 160NC
3Lauryl HydroxysultaineCola®Teric LHS
4Sodium Bis-Hydroxyethylglycinate Coco-Glucosides CrosspolymerPoly Suga®Glycinate C
6Potassium Caprylate/CaprateVerdeTrope 162
7Phenoxyethanol and EthylhexylglycerinEuxyl® PE 9010 ¹
8FragranceWhite Lily ²


  1. Combine ingredients 1-8 in order with moderate mixing and mild heating, if necessary, to clear.
  2. Adjust pH to 6.0 with Citric Acid.


Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH: 6.0
Viscosity: 20 cP


1Schülke & Mayr, 2Belle-Aire Fragrances

This formulation is intended for use as a generic starting formula and may be modified as needed. This formulation is for developmental use only. Not intended for resale.