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Colonial Chemical applications chemists are continually developing starting formuations that can be used in a variety of end-market applications. These are intended to promote new chemistries and market trends reflecting changing consumer demands. In many cases, our applications chemists demonstrate new formulations and prototypes for personal care products at industry trade shows, but the following formulary is not limited exclusively to exhibitions only.

These prototypes are also intended for use as starting formulas only and may be altered or modified as needed. All prototypes undergo stability testing.



Formulation #

Detox & Soothe Powder Shampoo No. 1052
AHA Facial Wash No. 2001
Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser No. 2008
Facial Wash Gel No. 2013
Pump Foam Facial Wash No. 2015
Exfoliating Sugar Scrub No. 2017
Micellar Solution No. 2020
Foaming Cream Wash No. 2021
95% RCI Foaming Face Wash No. 2023
Foaming Mild Face Wash No. 2024
Antioxidant Face Wash No. 2026
AHA Facial Wash (Sulfate-Free) No. 2028
Exfoliating Jojoba Wash (Sulfate-Free) No. 2030
Micellar Solution (IECIC Compliant) No. 2032
Oil-Free Acne Wash No. 2036
Charcoal Cleansing Bar No. 2037
Facial Cleansing Oil No. 2040
Luxury Foaming Cleanser No. 2043
Foaming Clay Mask No. 2046
Foaming Oil Cleanser (Sulfate-Free) No. 2048
Milky Micellar Gel Cleanser No. 2050
Daily Facial Cleanser (Sulfate-Free) No. 2051
Foaming Oil Cleanser (IECIC Compliant) No. 2056
Hemp Seed Oil Foaming Oil Cleanser (Sulfate-Free) No. 2057
Foaming Face Wash (Palm-Free, Coconut-Free) No. 2061
Clear Complexion Acne Wash No. 2063
Hemp Hydrating Facial Cleanser No. 2065
Clean & Simple Face Wash No. 2070
Clean & Calm Face Wash No. 2073
5% AHA Facial Cleanser No. 2074
Natural Argan Oil Body Lotion No. 3001
Body Lotion with Argan Oil and Natural Moisturizers No. 3002
Natural Argan Oil Body Lotion (Silicone, Paraben, EO & PO-Free) No. 3003
Face Cream with Coconut Oil No. 3004
Weightless Lotion No. 3005
Lightweight Face Primer (Oil-Free) No. 3006
Cold Cream Cleanser No. 3008
Daily Moisturizer (with SPF) No. 3011
Face Cream with Coconut Oil (IECIC Compliant) No. 3013
Face Cream with Hemp Seed Oil No. 3014
Tinted Mineral Moisturizer No. 3016
Natural Mineral Sunscreen No. 4016
Natural BB Cream (Light to Medium) No. 4018
Natural BB Cream (Medium to Dark) No. 4022
Beard Wash (Sulfate-Free, Betaine-Free) No. 4028

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