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Face Cream with Coconut Oil (IECIC Compliant)

No. 3013

This formulation features Cola®Fax CPE and Cola®Lipid ST. The cream offers intense moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties with the benefits of phospholipid-based emulsifiers. The lightweight cream provides a natural, hydrating touch and works on all skin types.


OrderINCI NameTrade NamePercentFunction
AWaterWaterqs to 100.00
ACetyl HydroxyethylcelluloseNatrosol™ Plus 330CS ¹0.40
ACetyl PhosphateCola®Fax CPE1.00
APotassium HydroxideKOH, 45%0.60
AStearamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride PhosphateCola®Lipid ST2.00
BCetyl AlcoholLanette® 16 ²2.50
BMyristyl MyristateHallStar® MM ³3.75
BIsopropyl PalmitateHallStar® IPP-NF ³5.00
BCoco-CaprylateCetiol® C 5 ²1.25
BCocos Nucifera OilCoconut Oil0.60
CPhenoxyethanol and EthylhexylglycerinEuxyl® PE 9010 ⁴0.50
CFragranceCalming ⁵0.20


  1. Disperse Natrosol Plus 330CS in water. Mix until uniform, then add potassium hydroxide.
  2. Continue mixing until completely hydrated, then heat to 60 – 65°C.
  3. Once at temperature, add Cola®Fax CPE. Continue mixing until completely incorporated.
  4. Add remaining Phase A ingredients, mixing until uniform.
  5. In a separate vessel, combine Phase B ingredients and heat to 60 – 65°C.
  6. Once both phases are at temperature, slowly add Phase B to Phase A with good mixing.
  7. Cool to 50 – 55°C and homogenize.
  8. Continue cooling to 40 – 45°C and add remaining Phase C ingredients.


1Ashland, 2BASF, 3HallStar, 4Schülke & Mayr, 5Orchidia Fragrances


Appearance: Opaque
pH: 6.0 – 7.0
Viscosity: 300,000 – 500,000 cP

This formulation is intended for use as a generic starting formula and may be modified as needed. This formulation is for developmental use only. Not intended for resale.