Vehicle Care

Colonial Chemical is a leading supplier of surfactants, foamers, cleaners, rinse and shine additives, drying and protection chemistries, special additives and performance products to the vehicle care and transportation cleaning industry.


  • Foam Body Washes
  • Engine and Wheel Degreasers
  • Insect Removers
  • Presoaks
  • Windshield Washing Fluids
  • Tricolor Foam Conditioners
  • Drying Agents
  • Clear Coats and Sealer Waxes
  • Body Protectants
  • Tire Dressings
  • Interior Detailing Products
  • Leather Protection
  • Vinyl Cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaning Solutions
  • Cloth and Carpet Deodorizers
  • Glass Cleaners

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Vehicle Care
Specialty Products

Complete Vehicle Care Formulary Guide