August 3, 2021

Multi-Metal Corrosion Protection including Yellow Metals and Aluminum | Cola®Cor KAT

Because you need corrosion protection for all kinds of metals, you sometimes need a multi-purpose solution that’ll manage many tasks at once. Good thing there’s a handy tool around: Cola®Cor KAT.

Cola®Cor KAT is a blend of phosphate esters neutralized with alkali metal hydroxide. It is water soluble. ColaCor KAT is a corrosion inhibitor effective in alkaline environments for ferrous, non-ferrous, and yellow metals. It is compatible with all other kinds of ferrous corrosion inhibitors.

Cola®Cor KAT is also a highly-efficient antistatic agent for synthetic fibers. Overall, it can serve as a highly-efficient antistatic agent while offering a strong anti-corrosive effect for use in spin finish products for the manufacturing of polyester, polypropylene, polyamide or acrylic staple fibers.

In addition to corrosion protection and static prevention, Cola®Cor KAT can provide emulsification capability for a formulation when needed. Cola®Cor KAT has been widely used for metal surface cleaning and treatment and synthetic fiber spinning as well as some personal care applications.

  • An optimized blend of fully neutralized phosphate esters
  • A multi-metal corrosion inhibitor: ferrous, non-ferrous, and yellow metals
  • Water soluble, effective in alkaline environments, and compatible with all other kinds of ferrous corrosion inhibitors
  • A highly-efficient anti-static agent for synthetic fibers
  • Broad applications: paint and coatings, metalworking, metal cleaning, and synthetic fiber spinning

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