January 22, 2024

Novel Surfactants And Their Application As Universal Lubricity Aids

The idea of using a lubricity aid to reduce friction between two substrates is a need for many industries.  With each varying substrate comes the complexity of understanding the mechanism of friction, thus how to manipulate it.  These variations have led to individual classes of chemistries for each industry, but there aren’t really any that are considered universally effective at reducing friction across the different industries.  Lubricity aids that can be applied in metal working, or in hair conditioning.  A novel alkyl polyglucoside type chemistry has been evaluated and found to be highly effective in both, and this article presents the findings:

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Moore LR, Bryant GP,

Taylor J, McEnery M, Holtcamp TG, Boggs S.

Novel surfactants and their application as

universal lubricity aids. J Surfact Deterg. 2023.