Low-Foam, Short-Chain Alkyl Ether Carboxylate Blend

Cola®Carb HC49C is a low-foam, short-chain alkyl ether carboxylate blend. It is a pH- and hard water stable, anionic co-emulsifier and solubilizer with hydrotropic properties. Cola®Carb HC49C is stable under acidic and alkaline conditions and compatible with other anionic, cationic, and non-ionic surfactants. It offers corrosion protection performance. Cola®Carb HC49C is suitable for applications in metalworking fluids, oil and gas, and general detergents and cleaners.


Canada (NDSL); US (TSCA)


  • High emulsion capability
  • Low foaming
  • Outstanding hard water tolerance
  • Bleach stable
  • Overall physico-chemically stable
  • Stable under acidic and alkaline conditions


  • Water-dilutable metalworking fluids
  • Oil and gas
  • General detergents and cleaners


Specific Gravity1.075 g/mL
Freeze Point< -13°C
Flash Point>93°C
Cloud Point52°C
Hard Water Tolerance>5000 ppm
Draves Wetting>120s
CIC (@2.5%)<1%

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