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Cola®Carb TDC for Emulsion Polymerization

Alcohol Ether Carboxylate

Trideceth-7 Carboxylic Acid


EU (REACH), Canada (DSL), USA (TSCA), Australia (AIIC), Korea (KECI), China (IECSC), New Zealand (NZIoC), Taiwan (TCSI)


  • Anionic
  • 90% active material
  • Alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE) free


  • As a standalone emulsifier, gives excellent properties in all acrylic latex formulations
  • Can be used in hard water and with a multitude of different surfactant classes (including blending) with nonionics to improve properties and latex stability
  • Capable of being neutralized and used in a variety of latex formulations
  • Provides good latex stability
  • Used in emulsion polymerization
  • Also improves pigment wetting and dispersion

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