Acylamido Carboxylic Acid

Cola®Cor 186 is a low-foaming, excellent corrosion inhibitor useful in water-based metalworking and hydraulic fluids. Cola®Cor 186 comes in an acid form, offering the formulator many neutralization options. Cola®Cor 186 is compatible with phosphoric acid esters in neutralized form.

Water-soluble salts of Cola®Cor 186 are obtained by neutralization with alkanolamines and aqueous alkali hydroxides. They may be used alone or in combination with other water soluble corrosion inhibitors or lubricants in grinding and cutting fluids and other aqueous hydraulic systems.


  • Comes in free acid form for neutralization flexibility
  • Low-foaming
  • Excellent corrosion protection of steel and aluminum
  • Boron-free, nitrite-free
  • Reduces copper and cobalt leaching
  • Hard-water stable


  • Metalworking Fluids (soluble oil, semi- synthetic and synthetic)
  • Rolling emulsions
  • Mid alkaline metal cleaners
  • Water-based hydraulic fluids


Cola®Cor 186 overall outperforms dibasic acids and addresses industry challenges to all issues associated with dibasic acids

ParameterCola®Cor 186Dibasic Acids
Ease of Handling & Blending++++
Ferrous Corrosion Protection +++ +++
Aluminum Staining Prevention +++++
Hard Water Tolerance ++++
Foam Performance (w/o AF)++ +++
Foam Performance (w/ AF) +++ +++
Application Scope +++++
Supply ++++

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