Water-soluble corrision inhibitor

Cola®Cor 500 is a water soluble, synthetic amine carboxylate corrosion inhibitor. Cola®Cor 500 is a highly effective, low cost preventative for cast iron, steel alloys. Cola®Cor 500 provides corrosion protection on ferrous surfaces in solution where the pH is approximately 8.0 or higher. Cola®Cor 500 is non-foaming and has good stability in hard water.

Cola®Cor 500 is useful where temporary protection against flash rusting is needed. When water is allowed to evaporate, a thin liquid film remains that provides rust protection to ferrous surfaces, even under high humidity conditions. The Cola®Cor 500 can easily be removed by rinsing with water. It also burns off cleanly in annealing or other high temperature processing operations.

Cola®Cor 500 is composed of a mixture of organic acid salts, but is not based on PTBBA, nitrites or borates. It is also diethanolamine free.

CAS: Proprietary


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), New Zealand (NZIoC), China (IECSC), Korea (ECL)


  • Water-based metal working fluid formulations
  • Forming and drawing compunds
  • Useful in water/glycol or other water based hydraulic fluids
  • Alkaline hard surface cleaners

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