Imidazoline Benzyl Chloride Quat (Alkylbenzylimidazolium Chloride)

Cola®Cor C-56 is a concentrate water-soluble cationic corrosion inhibitor for continuous treatment in oil and gas production. Cola®Cor C-56 is soluble in light brines and dispersible in very heavy brines. Cola®Cor C-56 is useful in corrosion inhibitors designed for pumps, headers, separators, emulsion treaters, tanks, regulators, compressors, dehydrators, valves and associated equipment. For use in the field, Cola®Cor C-56 is normally diluted to 25-35% and applied at levels of 10-50 PPM.

As a clay stabilizing agent, Cola®Cor C-56 is useful during enhanced oil recovery in acidizing, fracturing and sand control applications.


USA (TSCA); Canada (DSL); Australia (AIIC); China (IECSC)

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