DEA-Free Mild Pet Shampoo Concentrate

Cola®Det BSC-ND is a DEA-free, anionic and amphoteric concentrated blend of mild surfactants. With only dilution and minor additives, Cola®Det BSC-ND can be economically formulated into marketable pet products that provide mildness while off ering foam and viscosity equal or greater than leading brand pet shampoos.

All materials that compose Cola®Det BSC-ND are Registered EPA Inert Ingredients. Using Cola®Det BSC-ND, formulations for disinfectanting, sanitizing, and flea and tick products for pets are already adopting the necessary ingredients to meet EPA approval in the finished product.

Cola®Det BSC-ND has low irritation properties making it ideal for mild cleansing products and can also be used in baby, children and adult products for sensitive skin.

INCI: Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Disodium Oleamido-MEA Sulfosuccinate and Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine

CAS: 9004-82-4; 68479-64-1; 68650-39-5; 61789-40-0


TCSA (USA); NDSL (Canada); AIIC (Australia); PICCS (Phillipines); NZIoC (New Zealand)

ADDITIONAL:   All ingredients are registered “EPA Inert Use Acceptable – Nonfood applications only” – includes applications for fl ea and tick shampoos for pets.



  • Thick, rich lather
  • Mild to skin and eyes
  • Easily builds viscosity

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