Potassium Cocoate Soap

Cola®Det OKC-40 is ideal for formulators seeking organic certification who plan to label their products as “Made with Organic…” and be in certified compliance with the National Organic Program (7CFR Part 205). Cola®Det OKC-40 is derived from 70% or greater raw ingredients and is processed to meet the Certified Organic requirements. Cola®Det OKC-40 is a pure potassium cocoate soap that exhibits excellent flash foam, good color and low odor. Cola®Det OKC-40 is biodegradable, made from natural and renewable resources, and preservative-free – making it ideal for natural formulations, including high lathering soaps and cost-effective cleansers.

INCI: Potassium Cocoate from Certified Organic Coconut Oil

CAS: 61789-30-8


USA (TSCA); EU (EINECS); Canada (DSL); Australia (AICS); Philippines (PICCS); Korea (ECL); New Zealand (NZIoC); China (IECSC)


  • Excellent flash foam
  • Good color
  • Low odor
  • Naturally-derived
  • Biodegradable
  • Preservative-free


  • Shampoos
  • Bar soaps
  • Liquid hand soaps
  • Industrial hand soaps
  • Surgical scrub soaps
  • Hard surface cleanser


Appearance Clear Liquid
pH, 10% aqueous 10.0
Solids, % (2g. 100°C, 1 hr.) 41.0
Color, Gardner BYK 1.5 Max.