Alkyl (C12-C14) Glycidyl Ether

Naturally-Derived Reactive Diluent     

Cola®Dil MOD 8 is a naturally-derived monofunctional reactive diluent used to reduce the viscosity of epoxy resin systems. It is an aliphatic glycidyl ether containing alkyl chains which are predominately C12 and C14 in length. Cola®Dil MOD 8 may be blended easily with liquid resins at room temperature and is compatible with epoxy resins in all ratios. Commonly recommended curing agents for unmodified epoxy resin systems may be used with Cola®Dil MOD 8 blends.

CAS: 68609-97-2


USA (TSCA), Canada (DSL), Australia (AIIC), Korea (KECI), China (IECSC), Philippines (PICCS), Japan (ENCS), New Zealand (NZloC)


  • Efficiently reduces viscosity of conventional epoxy resins
  • Reduces brittleness and improves toughness of crosslinked coatings
  • Naturally-derived
  • Low toxicity and low vapor pressure
  • Improved adhesion to non-polar surfaces
  • Low level volatility
  • Increased flexibility
  • Excellent substrate and filler wetting characteristics
  • Non-offensive odor


  • Flooring, grouts and mortars
  • Coatings of high and 100% solids
  • Laminates
  • Exposed aggregate surfaces

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