Ethoxylated Alcohol

Cola®Dol 902 is a multifunctional non-ionic surfactant and provides better degreasing and cleaning than NPE surfactants or other NPE-alternatives. Cola®Dol 902 is formulated to be highly compatible with other surfactants and solvents, and highly effective in use, providing excellent cleaning and degreasing at reduced concentrations.


US TSCA: Canada (DSL): Australia (AIIC): Japan (ENCS): Philippines (PICCS): Korea (ECL): China (IECSC)


  • Provides better cleaning/degreasing efficiency with lower use levels than other NPEs or NPE replacements
  • Highly compatible with other surfactants and solvents
  • Readily biodegradable


  • Metal parts cleaning
  • Industrial degreasing
  • Vehicle care products
  • Household all-purpose cleaners

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