Proprietary Blend of Nonionic Surfactants

Cola®Dol DG13 is a versatile, nonionic degreaser, wetting agent, and solubilizer specifically designed for boosting industrial and household cleaning where low foam and non-streaking are essential. Cola®Dol DG13 can also be used as a non-VOC alternative to VOC solvents. Its high cloud point makes it desirable in applications at elevated temperature. It has low foam even at low temperature. The product is expected to be readily biodegradable.

Cola®Dol DG13 outperforms various various low-foam surfactants, industrial benchmark surfactants or solvents in immersion degreasing tests. Please see Data Sheet for specific test data.


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), EU (REACH), Australia (AIIC/AICIS), China (IECSC/IECIC), Philippines (PICCS), New Zealand (NZIoC), Taiwan (TCSI)


  • Low foam
  • Streak-free
  • Fast surface wetting and penetration of soils
  • Excellent degreasing at low use levels
  • Non-VOC
  • Non-hazardous for transport
  • Non-flammable


  • Metal/parts cleaning
  • CIP cleaning
  • Streak-free glass cleaner
  • Solar panel cleaners
  • Graffiti remover
  • Low foam degreasing boosters
  • Precision cleaning
  • Low foam replacement of glycol solvents
  • Rinse aid in auto dish wash

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