Silicone Wax Additive

INCI: Quaternized Silicone Polymer Blend


US (TSCA); Canada (DSL); EU (REACH); Australia (AIIC); China (IECSC); Japan (MITI); Korea (KECI); New Zealand (NZIoC); Taiwan (NECI); Philippines (PICCS)


  • Cationic polymer blend
  • Soluble in water
  • Substantive to surfaces, color rejuvination and high gloss shine
  • Water repellancy
  • Enhances water beading, wax effect
  • Concentrated, ready to dilute
  • Low viscosity, easier handling
  • Non-flammable


  • Total body protectant
  • Clear coat protectant
  • Tri-color conditioners
  • Wash and shine or Waterless car wash
  • Leather cleaner and protection
  • Tire Dressing
  • Windshield Treatment

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