Plant-Based, Low-Irritation Conditioning Concentrate

Cola®Lac SLB is a plant-based, low-irritation conditioning concentrate that offers a high quality conditioner in an easy, single-step manufacturing process. Cola®Lac SLB is shipped in a flake form and ready to use, requiring only dispersing in hot water with any preservatives, fragrances and dyes of the formulator’s choice. Cola®Lac SLB provides conditioning, improved wet combability, and may be blended with other additives to develop customized products for specific audiences, ranging from mass market to salon-type conditioners.

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine Lactate

CAS: 67762-27-0, 55819-53-9


Australia (AIIC/AICIS), Canada (DSL), China (IECIC), New Zealand (NZloC), Philippines (PICCS), Taiwan (TCSI), US (TSCA)

Cola®Lac SLB is a USDA Biopreferred Product, rated 97



  • Conditioning, prevents fly away hair
  • Low irritation
  • No acrylic monomers present
  • Disperses easily in hot water
  • No homogenization is needed when combined with most additives
  • Superior wet and dry comb properties


  • Low-cost Hair Conditioner 3% - 6%
  • Premium Hair Conditioners 6% - 8%
  • Leave-In Conditioner 1% - 2%

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