Modified Cocamide DIPA and Tall Oil Soap

Cola®Liquid DCT is a Modified Cocamide DIPA and Tall Oil Soap. Cola®Liquid DCT is an excellent substitute for 2:1 DEA amides. Colonial Chemical’s Cola®Liquid products consist of completely liquid, consumer acceptable non-DEA amides that perform like traditional alkanolamide surfactants. Cola®Liquid DCT can be used in any application where traditional alkanolamide surfactants have been used. Cola®Liquid DCT is effective in a wide variety of household and industrial products.

INCI: Modified Cocamide DIPA and Tall Oil Soap

CAS: 68855-69-6 (Cocamide DIPA); 68953-28-6 (Tallate DIPA)


TSCA (US), DSL (Canada), IECSC (China)


  • Modified 2:1 Cocamide DIPA and Tall Oil Soap
  • Completely liquid non-ionic
  • Excellent compatibility with inorganic builders and alkalies in aqueous systems
  • Use as a detergent, wetting agent and emulsifier
  • Viscosity builder in aqueous and non-aqueous systems


  • Floor Cleaners
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Tire Cleaners
  • All Purpose Cleaners
  • Viscosity Builder

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