Myristamide DIPA

Cola®Liquid DM is a Myristamide DIPA non-DEA substitute for Myristamide DEA. Colonial Chemical’s Cola®Liquid products consist of completely liquid, consumer acceptable non-DEA amides that perform like traditional alkanolamide surfactants. Cola®Liquid DM can be used in any application where traditional alkanolamide surfactants have been used without reformulation. Cola®Liquid DM is effective in a wide variety of personal care products.

INCI: Myristamide DIPA

CAS: 83270-36-4


EINECS (EU), AIIC (Australia), NZIoC (New Zealand)


EINECS (EU), AIIC (Australia), NZIoC (New Zealand)  



  • Completely liquid non-ionic
  • Performs like traditional alkanolamide surfactants
  • Manufactured to strict specifications yielding lowest possible free amine
  • Very mild when compared to other traditional primary personal care surfactants
  • DEA/MEA-free version of Myristamide DEA
  • Readily biodegradable per OECD 301 methods


  • Body cleansers
  • Hair colorants
  • Bubble baths
  • Shower gels
  • Facial cleansers
  • Shampoos

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