Tallate DIPA

Cola®Liquid DT is a non-ionic 1:1 diisopropanolamine (DIPA) amide of tall oil fatty acids. Colonial Chemical’s Cola®Liquid products consist of completely liquid, consumer acceptable non-DEA amides that perform like traditional alkanolamide surfactants. Cola®Liquid DT provides viscosity building and foam stabilizing properties. The product is liquid and very mild to eyes and skin. Cola®Liquid DT can be used as a substitute for 1:1 DEA amides in any application where traditional alkanolamide surfactants have been used.


  • Co-emulsify mineral oils in water
  • Good lubricity
  • Low foam emulsions
  • Stable emulsions in hard water
  • Water dispersible
  • Oil-in-water or water-in-oil emulsifier
  • Compatibility with metalworking additives, such as corrosion inhibitors, EP agents and others
  • Ease of formulating soluble oils, semi-synthetic fluids, synthetic fluids, emulsions degreasers and emulsifiable rust preventatives
  • Low viscosity for ease of handling
  • Contains no DEA, MEA or TEA


  • Synthetic, semi-synthetic metal-working compounds
  • Soluble oils
  • Metalworking formulations for stamping, drawing and machining

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