Fatty Acid Alkanolamide

Cola®Lube 3429 is a water-soluble lubricant and emulsifier for aluminum and copper. It features moderate foaming, is easily emulsified and increases metalworking fluid affinity for metal surfaces. Cola®Lube 3429 is stable at high temperatures, provides wetting for metal surfaces and is non-staining on aluminum and copper surfaces. Cola®Lube 3429 augments formulation bioresistance and is easily waste-treatable.


TSCA (US), NDSL (Canada), ECL (Korea), AIIC (Australia)


  • Excellent lubricity additive
  • Emulsification
  • Provides corrosion inhibition
  • Enhances formulation bioresistance, enables development of biocidal-free metalworking fluid formulations
  • Helps extend sump life
  • Easily waste-treatable
  • Provides detergency
  • Moderate foaming tendency


  • Semisynthetic Fluids
  • Microemulsion coolants
  • Machining and grinding gray iron
  • Machining fluids for titanium alloys

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