Low, Controlled-Foam Surfactant

Cola®Lux 8HC is a versatile and extensively employed surfactant recognized for its efficient and cost-effective functionality. It boasts elevated biodegradability, coupled with minimal aquatic toxicity. This makes Cola®Lux 8HC an essential choice for meeting demanding performance standards across a spectrum of applications. Ranging from robust hard surface cleansers to stable hypochlorite-friendly clean-in-place detergents, as well as applications in oilfield fracturing and stimulation fluids, FCola®Lux 8HC consistently delivers distinctive and superior performance.

Its efficacy extends across acidic, neutral, and alkaline solutions, remaining stable even within hypochlorite bleach and peroxide systems. The multifunctional nature of Cola®Lux 8HC contributes to detergency and facilitates ingredient compatibilization, all the while maintaining a low and controlled foam profile. Although categorized as a nonionic surfactant, the potency of Cola®Lux 8HC finds augmentation within acid-based formulations, enhancing its performance particularly in hard-water environments and scale-dissolving cleansers.

This exceptional surfactant showcases noteworthy traits of subdued foaming, effective detergency, and seamless compatibility, thereby opening doors to a wide array of applications. Its versatility finds expression in liquid detergents, household and industrial cleansers, as well as specialized industrial sectors like mining, oil fields, and electroplating.

INCI: Octyldimethylamine Oxide

CAS: 2605-78-9


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL)


  • Low, controlled foam
  • Compatible with nonionic, anionic and cationic surfactants
  • Hypochlorite and peroxide stable
  • Versatile activity in acidic cleaners


  • Hard surface cleaners and CIP cleaners
  • Low foaming detergents
  • Fabric cleaners and upholstery cleaners
  • Hypochlorite, peracid and peroxide-based cleaners

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