Acetamide MEA

Cola®Mid AME has unique antistatic, moisturizing and humectant properties. It is a good choice for both skin and hair conditioning products. For shampoos, superior conditioning can be built-in allowing for excellent wet combing properties. Cola®Mid AME leaves hair with good manageability, reduces “fly away” and provides sheen to hair. It is also a suitable conditioner for body washes and lotions.

INCI: Acetamide MEA

CAS: 142-26-7


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), China (IECSC/IECIC), Korea (KECI), Philippines (PICCS), New Zealand (ZNIoC), Taiwan (TSCI)


  • Provides good sheen to hair
  • Increases hair manageability
  • Reduces “fly away”
  • Provides moisturization to skin
  • A more effective humectant than glycerin with no “tacky” feel
  • Balanced for hair and skin
  • Very low eye irritation


  • Conditioning shampoos
  • Mild conditioners for skin
  • Non-oily skin lotions
  • Moisturizing conditioners
  • Skin cleaners and body washes
  • Leave-in conditioners
  • Deodorants / Antiperspirants
  • Hair spray

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