DEA-Free, High Purity Alkanolamide

Cola®Mid CMPA is a 1:1 cocamide monoisopropanolamide that is 100% MEA and DEA free. Cola®Mid CMPA provides foam stability (with emollient and anti-corrosive effects) and enhanced viscosity response. Featuring very low residual reactants and by-products, Cola®Mid CMPA is especially suitable for more “natural” formulations and stable at neutral, alkaline and acidic systems.

INCI: Cocamide MIPA

CAS: 68333-82-4


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), EU (REACH), Australia (AIIC/AICIS), China (IECSC/IECIC), Japan, (ENCS), New Zealand (NZIoC), Taiwan (TSCI)


  • Readily biodegradable per OECD 301 methods


  • Shampoos
  • Body wash
  • Skin cleansers
  • Bubble bath

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