Capramide DEA

Cola®Mid HPC has been developed specifically to increase flash foam. At concentrations of 1 – 3%, in a variety of cosmetic products such as shampoos, bubble baths, bath oils, etc. a significant increase in flash foam will be noted. Cola®Mid HPC
also augments the foam boosting and foam stabilization properties of other amides without significantly affecting viscosities. Cola®Mid HPC is an effective emulsifier and solubilizing agent in cosmetic creams, lotions and other toiletry products. As a result of these functions, it can also be used as a viscosity control agent in these applications.

INCI: Capramide DEA

CAS: 136-26-5


TSCA(US), DSL (Canada), AIIC (Australia), NZIoC (New Zealand), ENCS (Japan),PICCS (Philippines), ECL (Korea), IECSC (China)

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