Antistatic Glass and Plastic Cleaner Concentrate

Cola®Mulse 5101 is a completely formulated liquid antistatic cleaner concentrate, ready for simple dilution with water. It has been designed for use on glass and plastic where static charge build-up is a problem. Cola®Mulse 5101 is substantially more effective in eliminating static charge as demonstrated in com-parative laboratory tests against conventional glass cleaners and a competitive antistatic spray.


US (TSCA); Canada (DSL); Philippines (PICCS); China (IECSC – IECIC); Australia (AIIC); New Zealand (NZIoC); Korea (KECI); Taiwan (NECI)


  • Static charge elimination
  • Long-lasting protection against static charge build-up
  • Safe on Glass and Plastic
  • Non-Streaking


  • Computer and television screens
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Electronics
  • Safety Goggles

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