Quaternary Ethoxylated Coco Amine Ethyl Sulfate

Cola®Quat C15 is a naturally-derived ethoxylated quaternary amine at nearly 100% active. When used with other surfactants – especially nonionic surfactants – Cola®Quat C15 will greatly boost degreasing and cleaning performance. It will also help stabilize foam and improve streak-free rinsing. The ethosulfate quats will help reduce the corrosivity found with chloride quats. Cola®Quat C15 may not be compatible with anionic surfactants at high concentrations.

CAS: 68071-91-0


TSCA (US); NDSL (Canada); IECSC (China), Taiwan (NECI)


  • Detergent boosters
  • Cationic emulsification
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Anti-static agents


  • Vehicle Care
  • General Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Industrial Degreasing
  • Metal and Parts Cleaning

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