Naturally-derived Quaternary Conditioning Active

Cola®Quat OAC is a naturally-derived quaternary conditioning active. It is water soluble with low color, enabling a wide array of formulations where skin or hair conditioning is desired. It is highly substantive and can additionally function as an emulsifier for lotions or cream conditioners.

INCI: Olealkonium Chloride and Ethanol

CAS: 37139-99-4


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), Australia (AICIS), China (IECIC/IECSC), Japan (ENCS), New Zealand (NZIoC), Philippines (PICCS)


  • Naturally-derived conditioning active
  • Highly substantive to skin or hair
  • Excellent comb reduction and detangling
  • Easy to handle liquid form
  • High quality, low color and odor


  • Conditioning shampoos
  • Conditioning rinses
  • Detangling sprays
  • Cream conditioners
  • Lotions

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