Shale Stabilizer for Water-Based Fluids

Cola®Shale 2 is an additive that reduces adverse interactions between water-base completion fluids and exposed reactive shales. ColaShale 2 is a highly engineered, mildly cationic complex that functions to control shale and clay hydration. ColaShale 2 shale stabilizer is capable of inhibiting interactions between most types of brine water-base completion fluids or gels and a wide array of shales and claystones. ColaShale 2 shale stabilizer does not damage the formation or reduce gravel-pack permeability and doesn’t affect brine characteristics such as viscosity. ColaShale 2 will not affect fluid pH and doesn’t adversely affect formation wetability or generate excess foam.

ColaShale 2 shale stabilizer is effective in freshwater or monovalent brines, has low environmental toxicity and is non-hazardous to rig personnel.



USA (TSCA); Canada (DSL)

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