Brewery Cleaning Concentrate - High Beer Stone Removal

Cola®Terge BCC is a proprietary surfactant concentrate specifically designed for rugged performance in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Combining low foaming and outstanding performance, Cola®Terge BCC offers a means of quickly removing alkali scale that forms in tanks and transport vessels used by brewers, soft drink producers, dairy and juice transporters.

Cola®Terge BCC provides fast wetting, improved cleaning, lower foam and easy, quick rinsing for cleaning-in-place procedures. Cola®Terge BCC is suitable for high-pressure washdown applications with its free-rinsing abilities and high tolerance for electrolytes. It is also safer to handle and easy to formulate, remaining stable in high alkaline and acidic formulations, as well as readily soluble in caustic or cold water.


TSCA (US), DSL (Canada), Taiwan (NECI)


  • Superior stability
  • Low foaming
  • Detergency in up to 50% sodium hydroxide and/or 45% potassium hydroxide
  • Well-suited for high-pressure washdown
  • Soluble, stable in 25% HCI

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