Mild, Low Foaming Surfactant for Cleanser Formulations

Cola®Teric 810B is a mild, low foaming surfactant for use in multiple household and industrial cleansing applications. Cola®Teric 810B offers very low surface tension, biodegradability, and enhanced cleaning properties. On treated hard surfaces, Cola®Teric 810B is moderately hydrophobic. Its drying ability may be modified by a water soluble ingredient and provide high gloss, antistatic qualities.

INCI: Capryl/Capramidopropyl Betaine


Canada (NDSL), US (TSCA), China (IECSC), Taiwan (TCSI)

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Cola®Teric 810B is acceptable for use in Safer Choice-certified products and for listing on CleanGredients as a surfactant.


  • Low foaming
  • Compatible with many common surfactant systems
  • Moderately hydrophobic
  • Shipped preservative free
  • No thickening in highly concentrated systemsems
  • Foam stability in concentrations > 5 g/ltemsems
  • Very mild to skin
  • Biodegradable


  • Household cleaning
  • Window and glass and plexiglass cleaners
  • Bath and kitchen cleaners
  • All purpose cleaners
  • Industrial and institutional cleaning
  • Disinfectant sanitizers
  • Neutral cleaners

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