Surface Modifier to Improve Oil-Wetting of Drilling Mud

Cola®Teric AP-LP is a specialized surfactant additive to prevent water-wetting of solids. In specific applications, Cola®Teric AP-LP can reverse water-wetting of oil-wet solids that might occur. As a wetting agent, it may be pre-treated to a drilling fluid before displacement or cementing work has begun.


USA (TSCA); Canada (NDSL); Australia (AICIS); Korea (KECI); Philippines (PICCS); New Zealand (NZIoC); Taiwan (NECI)


  • Prevents water-wet solids
  • Reverses water-wetting of solids
  • Assists in preventing sag from water-wet weight material
  • Provides superior performance when needed


  • Surface modifier
  • Drilling muds

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