Hydrotroping Amphoteric for Alkaline and Acidic Systems

Cola®Teric AP is a salt-free organophosphate amphoteric that provides hydrotroping properties in high alkaline built systems that are formulated with conventional and capped low foaming nonionics. Cola®Teric AP improves the rinsibility of these systems by providing less streaking and redeposition of soil on the cleaned surface. Cola®Teric AP also enhances nonionics. Cola®Teric AP is suited for use in industrial cleaners, such as alkaline metal cleaning, high pressure spray cleaners, alkaline degreasers, scrubbing compounds, acid cleaners, transportation cleaners and various other hard surface cleaning formulations..

In alkaline metal cleaning tests, Cola®Teric AP, when mixed at equal activity with all ethoxylated alcohols, provides dramatic improvement of hard surface cleaning properties. Blends containing Cola®Teric AP significantly outperformed blends containing similar concentrations of sodium xylene sulfonate.

Very low concentrations of Cola®Teric AP will help solubilize anionics and both high foaming and low foaming ethoxylated nonionics in high concentrations of acids and alkalies. Cola®Teric AP also improves the surface active properties such as wetting, penetrating and cleaning of formulations.

INCI: Sodium Dicarboxyethyl Coco Phosphoethyl Imadazoline

CAS: 95913-20-5


US (TSCA), Canada (NDSL), Australia (AICIS), China (IECSC); Korea (KECI), Philippines (PICCS), New Zealand (NZIoC), Taiwan (TCSI)


  • Excellent hydrotroping efficiency
  • Outstanding rinsibility
  • Synergizes cleaning with nonionics
  • Stable in acid and alkaline systems
  • Effectively lowers formulation krafft point
  • Compatible with all surfactant types
  • Corrosion control
  • Static control

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