Mixed Short Chain Dipropionate

Cola®Teric MSC-NA is a low foaming, biodegradable, amphoteric surfactant with excellent detergency, designed for use in either low or high temperature alkaline and acid cleaners. While some foaming occurs in both alkaline and acid cleaners when used in spray tanks, it is fast breaking and does not accumulate.

Cola®Teric MSC-NA is a neutralized, 50% active, liquid material that is suited for use in products containing high percentages of caustic, such as heavy duty industrial cleaners. In contrast to low foaming nonionic surfactants, Cola®Teric MSC-NA exhibits low foaming properties even at low temperatures while still maintaining good detergent properties.

Cola®Teric MSC-NA can be incorporated directly into aqueous alkaline systems.

CAS: 68815-48-5


TSCA (US), Canada (NDSL)


  • Low and fast-breaking foam
  • Effective wetting
  • Detergency
  • Rinsibility in acid and alkaline systems


  • High pressure spray cleaners
  • Hard surface cleaners
  • Alkaline degreasers
  • Acid cleaners
  • Commercial rug cleaners

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