Alkylether Hydroxypropyl Sultaine

Unlike some conventional surfactants used in 50% Caustic Soda solutions, Cola®Trope AHS is readily soluble and requires no prolonged mixing or heating. It is also stable in mineral acids (i.e., 25% HCl, 20% HNO3, and 85% H3PO4).

Suggested uses are in the area of industrial and household products where high performance and low foam are required. Metal cleaning, bottle washing concentrates, heavy duty steam cleaning, wax striping, etc., are only a few of the areas where Cola®Trope AHS deserves evaluation.

Tests show that 1.5% of Cola®Trope AHS in a 50% Sodium Hydroxide solution yields a surface tension of 35.8 dynes/cm. A solution of 0.3% ColaTrope AHS in 10% Sodium Hydroxide has a surface tension of 25 dynes/cm.

Prolonged boiling of 0.3%;Cola®Trope AHS;in a 10% Caustic Soda solution showed no loss of effectiveness in lowering surface tension.

In addition to being an effective wetting agent and detergent in Caustic Soda solutions, Cola®Trope AHS at 1.0% in HCl and at 10% in Nitric Acid solutions lowers the surface tension to below 30 dynes/cm.

INCI: Alkylether Hydroxypropyl Sultaine

CAS: 108797-84-8, 108797-85-9


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), Australia (AIIC), China (IECSC), New Zealand (NZIoC), Taiwan (TSCI)

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