Sodium Alkanoate, Bleach Stable Hydrotrope

Cola®Trope INC is a versatile, low foaming anionic surfactant/hydrotrope and designed for the use of coupling nonionics and other surfactants into products where high levels of electrolytes may be present. It is especially effective in formulating alkaline built liquid detergent concentrates. This product is not generally intended for low pH systems.

When compared to Sodium Xylene Sulfonate, a popular product used in built liquid detergent systems, there are a number of reasons for considering Cola®Trope INC as a more viable alternative for formulations.

Cola®Trope INC has been tested according to Method OECD 301D and determined to be inherently biodegradable.

CAS: Proprietary


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL), EU (REACH), Japan (ENCS), Korea (KECI), China (IECSC), New Zealand (NZIOC), Taiwan (NECI)


  • Cola®Trope INC is generally twice as effective as SXS when compared on an equal solids basis (judged on the basis of either higher cloud point or lower Krafft point temperatures).
  • Cola®Trope INC is a stand-alone surfactant and as such will contribute to the surface activity, wetting and/or detergency properties of the formulated product. SXS only functions as a hydrotrope and never improves detergency. SXS actually ties up some of the surfactant activity of the surfactants in the system
  • Cola®Trope INC has excellent stability in hypochlorite solutions. INC does not contribute to the degradation of the hypochlorite in the formulation like SXS.
  • Cola®Trope INC is a fast wetter, taking only 22 seconds during a Draves wetting test in a hypochlorite solution. For a reference, Cola®Trope INC is soluble in 10% Sodium Hydroxide and soluble in 20% Potassium Hydroxide.

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