Environmentally Safe, Naturally Derived Hydrotrope

Cola®Trope OD is a highly effective hydrotropes with excellent environmental attributes. Many hydrotropes currently on the market today are made from environmentally unfriendly materials. For the formulator who is formulating safer, “green” products, hydrotropes such as SXS and cresylic acid based hydrotropes are no longer safe and environmentally acceptable.

Cola®Trope OD is derived from natural sources and are non-petroleum based materials. Cola®Trope OD is more effective than sodium xylene sulfonate and has excellent wetting and detergency properties and soluble in up to 20% KOH and 15% NaOH.

Cola®Trope OD is a moderate foamer that is useful in developing vertical foaming cleaners. It is recommended for neutral to alkaline pH formulations and not to be used in acid pH formulations.

Cola®Trope OD is listed on CleanGredients.

INCI: Alkanoate Salt

CAS: Proprietary


US (TSCA); Canada (NDSL); Korea (ECL); Japan (ENCS); China (IECSC); Philippines (PICCS); New Zealand (NZIoC); Taiwan (TCSI)

NGO Certifications

  • DfE Approved (CleanGredients)

The Safer Choice Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified Cola®Trope OD as Acceptable for use in Safer Choice-certified products and for listing on CleanGredients as a surfactant.

Cola®Trope OD also meets criteria for direct release under EPA’s Safer Choice Standard and the use limit for this ingredient no longer applies.

  • Direct release products are approved in outdoor applications that are likely to bypass sewage treatment . Products include home car washes, cleaners for use in power washers, boat cleaners, drilling muds, graffiti removers, fleet disinfectants, window cleaners, and the like.


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