Emulsifier, Dispersant and Hydrotrope Solubilizer

Cola®Wet A22 is a surfactant combining high hydrophilic and hydrophobic moieties with excellent acid and alkali compatibility. It is an emulsifier, dispersant, and hydrotrope solubilizer and is non-dermatitic.

INCI: Aspartic acid, N-(3-carboxy-1-oxosulfopropyl)-, N-tallow alkyl derivs., tetrasodium salts

CAS: 867040-07-1


USA (TCSA); Canada (DSL); Taiwan (TCSI), Australia (AICIS*)

*Assessed in accordance with the AICIS Industrial Chemicals Categorisation guidelines up to an introduction volume of 10 metric tonnes per annum.


  • Primary and secondary emulsifier in emulsion polymerization
  • Improves mechanical stabilty
  • APE-free
  • Improves polymer stability
  • Uses less surfactant in formulation
  • Imparts small particle size for all latexes except vinyl acetate
  • Excellent as a post-additive for mechanical stabilization, especially in paint applications giving high water resistance
  • Excellent rheological properties in pigmented latexes


  • Excellent pigment dispersant
  • Used in agrochemical formulations, industrial, household and metal cleaners
  • Excellent solubilizing agent for soaps and other surfactants in soluble salt solutions
  • Excellent lime soap dispersant

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