Mixed Short Chain Alkyl Imidazoline

Cola®Zolines, chemically described as 1–hydroxyethyl 2–alkyl imidazolines, are classified as cationic surface active agents. Cola®Zolines and their acid salts offer the following functional properties: wetting, emulsifying, detergency, thickening, moisture displacing, corrosion inhibiting, and antistatic effects. These functional properties are useful in agricultural emulsions, industrial cleaners, paints/coatings, plastics, and petroleum applications.

Cola®Zolines are readily soluble in polar solvents and in hydrocarbons; however they are relatively insoluble in water. The acid salts of Cola®Zolines with low molecular weight acids (acetic, hydrochloric, or phosphoric acid) are water-soluble. Oil soluble salts can be formed by neutralization with long chain fatty acids, naphthenic acids, and alkyl or aryl sulfonic acids.


TSCA (US), DSL (Canada), AIIC (Australia), NZIoC (New Zealand), IECSC (China), PICCS (Philippines), ECL (Korea)

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