Naturally-derived Performance Surfactant

Suga®Boost 080 is a 100% naturally-derived performance surfactant with unique synergistic combination of non-ionic and anionic chemistries. It has wide applications in laundry, dish soap and naturally-based exterior cleaner formulations. Cleaning performance is higher than traditional surfactants such as APG, SLES in removing food soils, animal grease, and protein soil and meets demands for high-performance green cleaning formulations.

Suga®Boost 080 has mild characteristics in comparison to regulated surfactants such as sulfates, alcohol alkoxylates, Coco DEA, and betaines, with higher irritation and Prop 65 concerns.

INCI: Functionalized Alkyl Polyglucoside

CAS: Proprietary

Patent #: Patent Pending


US (TSCA), Canada (NDSL), China (IECSC/IECIC)


  • Enhanced performance over traditional surfactants in many HI&I applications
  • Based on patent-pending technologies in synergy of naturally-derived components
  • Variety of chemistries that meet different formulation and performance demands
  • Compatible with majority of surfactants
  • Mild to eyes, very mild characteristics for skin contact
  • EO/PO Free, No VOCs
  • Free of Prop 65 components (1,4-Dioxane, DEA, DCA)
  • Broad regulatory approvals


  • Laundry (home and commercial)
  • Exterior washes (siding, roofs, decks)
  • Transportation cleaning (boats, trains, aircraft)
  • Hand dish soap
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Emulsion polymerization

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