Sodium Butylglucosides Hydroxypropyl Phosphate

Colonial Chemical has pioneered a new series of “Green Gemini Surfactants” products based upon derivatized alkyl polyglucosides. The Colonial Suga®Fax Series of surfactants represent the first new technology in the manufacture of safe, naturally derived green surfactants that are not petroleum based and come from renewable resources.

Traditional NPE and alcohol ethoxylates have been the work horse products in consumer and industrial formulations for many years. Those products provide detergency, wetting and limited hydrotroping properties to formulators. The new Suga®Fax “Gemini Surfactants” offer formulating advantages over traditional surfactant choices, such as increased hydrotroping properties, superior detergency and wetting. And unlike traditional surfactants, Suga®Fax products are soluble and stable under low and high pH conditions, as well as being safe for the environment.

The Suga®Fax materials are derived from alkyl polyglucosides, a renewable resource made from coconut oil and corn syrup. These starting materials provide biodegradable, mild surfactants that can function in extreme conditions for a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Because of their safety, Suga®Fax products are excellent in consumer and industrial products, dramatically lowering the risk to human exposure.

Suga®Fax surfactants are recommended wherever wetting, hydrotroping, and detergency are needed in a consumer or industrial product.

CAS: 740817-93-0

Patent #: Pending



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