Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate - 100% Natural Carbon | Mass Balance RSPO

Suga®Nate 160NC MB is a naturally-derived, high-performance surfactant suitable for a variety of personal care formulations. Using Suga®Nate 160NC MB, formulators can develop a high-foaming product with discriminating attributes without irritation to eyes and skin. Suga®Nate 160NC MB is very high in natural character, very low in toxicity and cost-effective when compared to other surfactants in typical sulfate-free formulations.

Suga®Nate 160NC MB meets the requirements for ingredients that may be included in goods and services bearing Nordic Swan ecolabelling.

The Safer Choice Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified Suga®Nate 160NC MB as Acceptable for use in Safer Choice-certified products and for listing on CleanGredients as a surfactant.

Suga®Nate 160NC MB also meets criteria for direct release under EPA’s Safer Choice Standard and the use limit for this ingredient no longer applies.

  • Direct release products are approved in outdoor applications that are likely to bypass sewage treatment . Products include home car washes, cleaners for use in power washers, boat cleaners, drilling muds, graffiti removers, fleet disinfectants, window cleaners, and the like.

Readily biodegradable per OECD 301 methods.  This product meets the criteria for a surfactant under the EU Detergents Regulation (EC) 648/2004.

NGO Certifications

  • Conforms to NSF/ANSI 305-2012
  • DfE Approved (CleanGredients)
  • USDA Biopreferred Product
  • Whole Foods Market® Premium Body Care™ ingredient

Suga®Nate 160NC MB is stable in hydrogen peroxide.

In keeping with Colonial Chemical’s commitment to sustainable raw material sourcing, this product is derived from palm oil that contributes to the production of certified sustainable palm oil. More information on

INCI: Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate

CAS: 742087-49-6

Patent #: Pending


US (TSCA), Canada (DSL/NDSL), EU (REACH), Australia (AIIC/AICIS), New Zealand (NZIoC), Taiwan (TSCI)

OSPAR Notification

This product has an ecotoxicological profile that is favorable to OSPAR Notification via HOCNF. For more information or to request additional OSPAR Notification documentation for this product, use this form.


  • 100% naturally-derived
  • EO free (1,4- Dioxane free)
  • Non-irritating to skin, eyes
  • Readily biodegradable under any conditions
  • Equal or superior foaming characteristics to other sulfatefree surfactants
  • Meets broad regulatory requirements
  • Shipped without preservatives
  • Compatible with nearly all surfactant classes including quaternary compounds, amides, amphoterics and nonionics


  • Low and high-pH shampoos
  • Bath gels
  • Cleansers for irritated or sensitive skin
  • Facial cleansers
  • Baby cleansing products
  • Personal care wipes and make-up removers
  • Pet shampoos
  • Non-irritating bubble baths